Safety is our top priority. Review these tips below to learn what you can also do to stay safe near one of our construction sites.

Around Our Crews

It’s best to stay back from worksites and crews since these areas can be hazardous. Please do not approach crews to ask them questions about the project. Instead, contact us by emailing questions@dcpluginfo.com or through our contact form.


Stay informed about DC PLUG initiative activities and consider planning your route to avoid active worksites. As always, wear your helmet while biking.


Pay attention to worksite signs. Be aware of your surroundings when walking and watch your footing. Use crosswalks to cross streets, especially those where the sidewalk may be closed. Wait until traffic has stopped before crossing.


Always stay alert and adhere to worksite signs and crew instructions. Proceed slowly and with caution through construction areas, especially when crews are present.

Public Transit

If you travel by bus or other public transit, stay informed about DC PLUG initiative activities and plan ahead if you need to adjust the way you reach your mode of transit.